Construction Phase Plans

A construction phase plan is a necessary piece of documentation that is required to be completed prior to the commencement of any construction project and will need to contain a manner of different information relevant to the site such as:
- Project commencement date.
- Project duration and expected completion date.
- Contractor business information.
- Site location.
- Emergency plans and procedures.
- Project description.
- And more…
In a large project there are likely to be multiple contractors meaning a Principle Contractor will be appointed.
The Principle Contractor must communicate with all parties involved in the project an on completion the documentation is handed over and kept by the client.

Construction site Health and Safety

Site Inspections

Our Site Inspections are a thorough, focussing on compliance and safety concerns.
The Report and Action Plan will highlight actions and controls that need to be completed to minimise the risk as far as is reasonably practicable.

If you are unable to address all of the required actions then we will work with you to help you do these.
Site Inspections are conducted at regular intervals throughout the build and are a great way of maintaining a safe working environment and avoiding statutory breaches.

Safety on site

The aspects of construction health and safety we can help you with

  • Policies

    Much like any industry, a suitable and sufficient Health & Safety policy will identify what procedures are required, and implemented throughout various aspects of the construction business.
    The additional demands within construction mean that these will need to be more in-depth and enforced due to the level of risk. Policies include, access and egress, emergency procedures, first aid, security and training.

    We can help generate, manage and monitor these policies and their compliance.

  • RAMS

    RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statements) like any other risk assessment will document risk findings and identify the necessary controls to ensure that the level of risk to people is minimised as far as possible.
    They then go a stage further and integrate a step-by-step safe operating procedure for the equipment or process.

    We can work with you to complete these and carry out reviews annually or as necessary.

  • Training

    Working safely, compliance with safety law and insurance demands can only be achieved with suitable training. The most cost-effective way of achieving this is through eLearning and toolbox talks.

    We will recommend the necessary training skills and help you implement these.
    Typical eLearning topics would be
    - Abrasive Wheels
    - Asbestos
    - CDM Awareness
    - COSHH
    - CSCS Card- Level 1 (leading to CSCS Green Card)
    - Fire
    - Electrical
    - Manual Handling
    - Working at Height
    - PPE
    See the full list of courses on our eLearning page.

House Health and Safety

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