Breathe HR Management System

HR software

- Easy secure storage of your documents, policies, & procedures
- Cost effective, cloud-based HR software
- Document audit trail
- Self-service access for all employees
- Visual & accessible 121s & objectives
- Easy reporting
- Streamlined & automated processes

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Breathe HR employee leave

Get to grips with Compensation & Benefits

SME Advisor gather data, internally and externally, on the roles in an organisation and equivalent jobs in other employers or sectors. Interpreting this data effectively is key in ensuring pay structures are both fair and competitive. Job evaluation and market pricing exercises need reviewing regularly to make sure they continue to meet changing business needs, jobs and work.

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Human Resources

Commercial Strategic HR

Commercial Strategic HR is about achieving your company's commercial goals whilst staying aligned with your corporate values. Employees need a sense of belonging. It is not solely about what they get paid, it’s also about being heard and having that feeling of being valued, trusted and respected. An employee needs to feel that their work is meaningful and that they make a difference to the organisation. SME Advisor can undertake a review of engagement within your current workforce and ensure you unlock more of your workforce skills and energies. Develop greater commitment, work ethic and productivity.

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Human Resources

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