Competent Person

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires that all employers irrespective of their size are “to appoint one or more competent people to help them implement the measures they need to take to comply with the legal requirements.
That could be a member of the workforce, the owner/manager, or an external consultant. The competent person should focus on the significant risks and those with serious consequences”.

What is the solution?
By retaining our services then not only will your business satisfy this legal requirement, but you will also have access to our people with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications to guide you.

Competent Person

Incident Investigations

In the event of an incident, it is important to record details, identify the immediate, underlying & root causes
that existed & contributed to the incident occurring. The investigation will allow you to implement changes to procedures; introduce new control measures; train
relevant people.
Key elements to an investigation report include
- Information & Summary
- Photos
- Evidence
- Timeline
- Witness Statements & Interviews
- Medical Records
- Work Processes used
- Recommendations & Action Plan

What is the solution?
By retaining our services then in the event of an incident or near-miss then we will be on hand without delay to guide you & if necessary deal with the regulatory authorities.

Shoulder injury Xray

SSIP - Safety Standards In Procurement

SSIP schemes are great for business!
Many potential customers will want you to demonstrate that you work responsibly & manage safety well. A recognised SSIP scheme like CHAS, SafeContractor, SMAS or Constructionline amongst others are a great way of you demonstrating this and will help you win contracts & tenders.

We have worked with many businesses to increase their Health & Safety compliance to the point where they can apply for accreditation by a member of SSIP.


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