It’s been well documented just how much the world of work has changed over the last 18 months. So how does a small business keep up with everything and what can be done moving forward? We go through 5 trends that will be huge in 2022.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This is no longer a space age product reserved for just the largest companies. The software is out there for all size businesses and can improve recruitment and the hiring process, through things like removing subconscious bias. It can also boost productivity through the automation of mundane tasks.

2. Multi-generational workforces

The increase in the pension age (and the likelihood that it will soon rise again) means that many workplaces have the potential for 3 different generations to be working together. In 2022 employers may need to think about how to handle this, especially if the younger generation is managing an older one. It’s important to have the right perspective on age and experience across the entire workforce.

3. Future of work plans

If recent times have shown anything about HR and employment, it should be the importance of staying one step ahead. HR leaders can do this through scenario planning, which can help organisations to remain adaptable and able to alter plans at short notice. Scenario planning can include thinking about cementing access to overseas talent pools for contingent and part-time workers and also through identifying technologies to benefit your organisation.

4. A focus on reskilling workers

Following on from scenario planning, 2022 should see more focus placed on increasing reskilling and upskilling the current workforce instead of hiring new talent. HR teams are focusing on fine tuning their learning and development strategies, including the popular ‘learning in the flow of work’, which provides access to helpful small pieces of information to help resolve issues.

5. Greater priority on employee wellness

The trend for improving employee wellness in the workplace will continue to grow through 2022. More companies will be prioritising and offering workplace wellness programs to help lower employee stress. Similarly, HR teams and senior management will focus on promoting mental health among employees.

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