What we stand for Our Mission & Values

Our Mission
“at affordable value and with nothing too small, we enable business owners and business leaders to achieve their commercial goals with our expert HR, Management Training and Health & Safety guidance”.

Our Values
• Customer Focus: we listen to our customers and are proactive.
• Communication: we strive towards transparent and inclusive communication.
• Honesty: we are flexible and encourage giving and receiving feedback.
• Integrity: we are authentic and accountable.
• Commercial: we are current, compliant, and entrepreneurial.
• Fun: we make work enjoyable and celebrate success.

Passion led us here

10 years constant growth Our Background

The provision of HR and Health & Safety expert services is a fast-growing niche aimed at ambitious SMEs.
Our team work best in businesses that don’t want, don’t need, or can’t afford a full time HR or Health & Safety Resource, but are aware that they need this skill set, ideally on a regular basis, or otherwise to solve tricky issues and to achieve their commercial goals.

SME Advisor Ltd started in 2011, and currently is enjoying rapid growth across the South East of England.
· have a growing team of specialist consultants (we call them SME Advisors).
· have over 100 clients and counting.
· have a central marketing and business operations team to help support the team.
· We aim to become a name recognised for HR and Health & Safety excellence in the mid-tier arena within our geographic reach.

Commercial Strategic HR

Our niche Our Business

We operate mainly with companies with 5-300 employees.
As SME Advisors we help our clients’ businesses to grow through:
· Building a great safe place to work.
· Ensuring legal compliance and prompt management of issues that arise.
· Developing a highly skilled and efficient workforce.
Taking away the pain of day-to-day HR and Health & Safety issues, saving time and allowing business owners to
focus on what they do best: growing their business.
Our approach is to provide highly skilled SME Advisors, who are experts in their field, have well-developed commercial and strategic skills, are results and solutions driven, and can do what they do with a sense of humour and a bit of charm.

Being an SME advisor

Commercial & competent people Who joins us?

All our SME Advisors have worked at large corporates and at ambitious SMEs.
They have operated at senior management or board level and understand how HR and Health & Safety strategy can drive people effectiveness through an organisation.
General management and sales experience is a definite plus, as we pride ourselves on being commercially focused and results driven.
They are also equipped and keen, with support, to grow their own portfolio.

When we take on new SME Advisors, we commit to putting some time into helping you get ready. That means an induction, some training, and some on the job support. We also aim to put some marketing and sales behind you, helping you win those first few clients. If you are developing a new portfolio, that may require more initiative from you with support from us. We don’t guarantee levels of work, but our track record speaks for itself, the more marketing and networking you can do the quicker you will be busy.

Commercial and Competent people

Matching people with people Working with SME Advisor clients

Our Commercial Directors will match an SME Advisor to a client based on sector specialism, geographical location, and availability.
We encourage and support our SME Advisors to lead account management, and whilst you are expected to develop strong networks, we know the sales/prospect meeting may not be your strongest point.
We tend to start with a new client by undertaking a fact find/needs analysis, meeting key members of staff and all the directors.
This helps us to ascertain the client’s objectives and anticipated outcomes and gives us a real insight into their business.
Work either starts on an agreed number of days per month, or alternatively a project brief is developed to work initially on a particular piece of work, and then we expect you to develop this into an on-going support on a set retainer/project basis.
We work in a team environment. For each client intervention there is an SME Advisor and a Commercial Director. This team approach helps foster stronger B2B relationships and client loyalty.
The type of work we undertake is listed on our website.

A bespoke service

Let's talk To find out more and to apply please contact me

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SME Advisor - Client Services Director


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Tim MacKew SME advisor Client Services Director

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