Exterior Cleaning Specialists Health & Safety Bundle

What's included?

  • Health & Safety Policy

    Health & Safety policies are NOT all the same!
    Each business will potentially manage the requirements under health & safety law in a different manner to comply with the requirement to work safely.
    Within the Policy Statement, Responsibilities, and Arrangements it will establish "Why, Who & How" safety will be managed.

    A Health & Safety Policy is included within Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.

  • General Risk Assessment

    By working with an experienced external cleaning specialist we have identified the hazards associated with the work undertaken in your industry.
    From this we are recommending appropriate control measures that will reduce the hazards associated with your work, these will typically be; work disciplines, equipment maintenance, training, and PPE.

    A general Risk Assessment is included within Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.

  • Method Statement

    Having established the hazards associated with working as an external cleaning specialist and how these can be mitigated then safe working practices can be established within a Method Statement.

    A Method Statement is included within Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.

  • COSHH Risk Assessments

    The chemicals, powders & substances used in your work can represent a potential hazard to the user, those around them and the environment.
    There is a common misconception that having a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) issued by a manufacturer is a COSHH Assessment, it's not!
    The MSDS is the starting point and the assessment will establish how, where and how frequently it is used so that the work process and appropriate control measures can be introduced.

    Up to 5 COSHH Assessments are included within the Silver, Gold & Platinum packages for the products that you use.
    Any additional assessments will be charged separately.

  • Insurance Review

    An insurance policy DOES NOT unconditionally cover every risk associated with your work!
    An insurer may demand that you must or must not do certain things in your work activities and work environment in order to be afforded protection under their policy. These may sometimes exceed those required under safety law.

    Silver, Gold & Platinum packages include a review of the safety & environmental demands from your insurer so that these are reflected within your safety procedures.

  • eLearning

    Training is core to safety. Everyone should be trained how to work safely BEFORE they start work.

    Silver, Gold & Platinum packages include a bundle of eLearning training courses for one person covering
    - COSHH
    - Working at Height
    - Manual Handling and
    - Working Safely.
    If further training topics are required or for more people then these can be purchased separately.
    (Gold & Platinum packages include additional eLearning)

  • Annual Updates

    Your documents need to be kept up to date.

    On the anniversary of a contract, policy documents, risk assessments and method statements for Gold & Platinum package customers will be reviewed and updated.
    There will be times when you need help or reassurance so Gold & Platinum package customers can also speak to a Health & Safety professional for up to 30 minutes a month.

  • Telephone Support

    There will be times when you need help or reassurance.

    Gold & Platinum package customers can speak to a Health & Safety professional for up to 30 minutes a month.

  • Tender Application PQQs, SSIP Applications, Additional Assessments

    There could be times when additional help is needed when with PQQs, SSIP Applications or additional assessments?
    - If you are applying for a large contract or tender then you will be required to go through a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) process before you have the opportunity to compete.
    - If you are applying for a SSIP scheme like CHAS, Constructionline, Safe Contractor you may need help in completing your application.
    - You may need additional assessments.

    Additional support is included at 20% off our normal hourly rate for Platinum package customers.

  • Competent Person

    Health & Safety law requires that you have access to competent advice from someone with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications.

    Subscribe to our Platinum package and we can be named within your Policy as your Competent Person.

Ask yourself this…

- Am I compliant with the requirements to work safely?
- Do my insurers insist on me having suitable Health & Safety?
- Can I confidently compete for commercial contracts & tenders?
If the answer is “no” then our simple and cost-effective Health & Safety Bundle is the solution

Silver Package - £300
Gold Package - £300 followed by £20 per month
Platinum Package - £300 followed by £30 per month

All prices exclude VAT
Subject to contract, conditions apply

HSE insurance poilicy

"I'm now compliant with Health & Safety law, the conditions laid down by my insurer and can confidently compete for commercial contracts"

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