All growing companies have a need to develop leaders of the future. This investment not only increases skills but also improves retention and reduces the need to recruit more team members. Leading Worthing-based estate agency, Bacon & Co, made just such an investment recently.

Our Client Services Director, Tim Mackew, delivered a training course to the attendees from Bacon & Co estate agents about situational and transformational leadership. The training session took place at our bespoke training room within our head office in Barnham. Many of the attendees from Bacon & Co praised the training day, including Jessy Cannon who said of the course, “it was very informative and I’m looking forward to putting what I’ve learnt into practice”.

During the training the attendees were given a variety of interactive tasks to complete, both on their own and also as teams. They were first asked to work in small groups to undertake a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of how the theory could be practically implemented into their desired leadership role. Following this they were asked to discuss the basics of transitional and situational leadership, delegation and feedback.

Possibly the most crucial part of leadership development that the attendees were asked to discuss was; how to balance the elements of managing, leading and coaching their teams. This generated in-depth discussion among the attendees, with a wide variety of viewpoints being put forward. Another point of discussion that generated much interest was; how to continuously develop yourselves and your team to achieve personal and commercial goals. Finally, the question was asked; what’s next? After all, self development should be a continual process.

A slide from a leadership development presentation

Overall the training was hugely appreciated by all attendees, and many thanked Tim and all of team members at SME Advisor for an excellent course.  Another member of Bacon & Co, Michael Walton said, “It was a very enjoyable course today and we have taken a lot from it. Hopefully we will be able to attend future courses with SME Advisor.”

For more information on leadership development training for you and your team, or any other training courses we offer please contact us. We also offer over 100 separate e-learning courses, all of which can be delivered virtually. The courses cover 6 main areas; health & safety, business skills, health & social care, hospitality, childcare and emotional intelligence.

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