10 Common Health & Safety Mistakes

  1. “I have under 5 people, so I don’t need a policy” – wrong, all business no matter their size must have a policy
  2. That a Policy Statement is enough (that’s the signed letter usually on a wall) – no, the Statement is a letter of intent, whereas the Policy says how work processes are managed
  3. Not talking or listening to employees – the boss seldom knows best, it’s the employees who perform the tasks every day
  4. Not training – leaving employees unaware of how they should work safely
  5. Thinking that a chemical Data Sheet is a COSHH Risk Assessment
  6. Writing a risk assessment and then not applying it
  7. Not budgeting for Health & Safety correctly and failing to take competent advice
  8. Not storing or handling items correctly – such as heavy & hazardous items
  9. Not maintaining equipment
  10. Failing to learn from accidents and near misses

A business that has not implemented Health & Safety correctly runs the risk of prosecution, fines, losing business and invalidating their insurance policy.

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