The top 5 things that strongly and significantly predict higher levels of engagement with work:

  1. Being trusted and valued
  2. Managers being concerned with developing individuals and building a supportive environment
  3. Overall job satisfaction
  4. Effective communication between managers and staff
  5. Attractive conditions of employment i.e. hours, leave, non-cash items.
Despite vast amounts of evidence over decades supporting these five key drivers, employers still create feeble and feasible alibis as to why it is not applicable to them and their business.


Develop a campaign to improve employer image. Key aspects that can be leveraged include the lifestyle benefits, job variety, community orientation, high levels of job satisfaction and a highly engaged workforce. SME Advisor specialises in employer branding to develop employee value proposition (EVP).
Facilitate more opportunities for community networking and connectivity with a careers focus in mind, with the intent to connect employers with people in the local community. To support retention of staff, provide opportunities to develop their non- operational management skills, for example how to have career focussed conversations with staff, succession planning, people management skills, workforce engagement, building a high performing team, how to provide effective feedback, and having performance conversations.
One key influencer in staff retention and business growth is getting new staff members up to speed. Set up mentoring or ‘buddy’ programs for new recruits using our induction/orientation process design skills.
SME Advisor use a targeted approach to recruitment, i.e. approaching potential people directly, but increasing scope to advertise more broadly through groups and societies, and advertising online and through social media.
Ensuring that, when advertising for a position that, the key employer branding attractions and ‘features’ of the job and EVP are also included to attract the right applicants.
Though the amount of pay does not seem to be important for staff retention, a fair level of pay will still be an important influencer of job satisfaction. Research and benchmark salaries to ensure you are meeting the appropriate criteria for their role within their employer brand image.
Develop the working environment by focussing on the key drivers of staff engagement. This includes ensuring employees feel trusted and valued, developing their skills and capabilities and providing a supporting working environment, as well as ensuring a good flow of communication between managers and staff. We have expertise and an extensive track record in HR process design, performance development, leadership, fellowship and coaching.
Review current workloads of employees, remembering that each individual will have different ‘limits’ so it is important to explore the issue on a person by person basis. SME Advisor will work with you to:
  • Define and review key business process,
  • Identify the optimum roles (skills and behaviours) to effectively implement the process. Your “Organisational Blueprint”.
  • Review and compare this to the existing roles
  • Create a gap analysis and workforce/organisational development plan to achieve your “Organisational Blueprint”.
Monitor job satisfaction and engagement. Gather regular feedback from staff on how they are feeling and their intentions allowing employers to recognise potential problems before they develop into big ones. Ensure that career progression opportunities are clarified with employees and that employees do have a clear idea of opportunities available within the business. SME Advisor achieves this by creating highly skilled management and business leaders, continually appraising their teams through motivational and effective implementation of performance development process and planning.

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