1. Recruiting effectiveness
Develop a campaign to improve employer image. SME Advisor specialises in employer branding to develop employee value proposition (EVP). Ensuring that, when advertising for a position that, the key employer branding attractions and ‘features’ of the job and EVP are also included to attract the right applicants.
  1. Critical talent retention
One key influencer in staff retention and business growth is getting new staff members up to speed. Set up mentoring or ‘buddy’ programs for new recruits using my induction/orientation process design skills. SME Advisor has the expertise to design and facilitate these programs successfully.
  1. Continuous Performance Leadership Development
Leadership is a behaviour not a job title. Implementing our continuous approach to performance leadership improvement and coachability, assumes you’re already aware of the issues surrounding traditional performance appraisal type processes. We have taken key learnings from numerous implementations across different industries, organizations and team cultures. SME Advisor will help you successfully introduce a continuous performance leadership development process into your organization.
  1. Compensation and pay equity
Though the amount of pay does not seem to be most important for staff retention, a fair level of pay will still be an important influencer of job satisfaction. SME Advisor can research and benchmark salaries to ensure you are meeting the appropriate criteria for the role within your employer brand image.
  1. Productivity
Identifying, publishing and sharing company objectives and the relevant KPI’s are critical. Our approach to continuous performance development empowers employees by asking how they will contribute to these company level priorities.
We advocate combining Objectives and Key Results into the SME Advisor approach

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