SME businesses are often established by talented, motivated, and very capable people who are masters of their craft. Sadly, they all too often neglect or are oblivious to critical business disciplines and systems that will ultimately limit their growth, hinder them achieving their goals and in some cases lead to business failure.

We have worked with many businesses from all sectors, what they all have in common is usually that they employ up to fifty employees. They are therefore unlikely to have the financial resources to directly employ business strategists, Safety, or HR professionals.

Our knowledge gained through many years of working with businesses of all types gives us a unique perspective and the ability to bring about change. To this end we have written a book (final draft received today) called “Growing Your Business Through Your People & Systems” aimed at business owners who want to grow their business and achieve success.

The book demonstrates our understanding and in the essence of giving back we are offering this book through professional partners and trade bodies to their customers and members together with a complimentary consultation.